community and partnership

Partnership with Families and the Community.

We believe “it takes a whole community to raise a child”, Connecting with children, families and the wider community is a foundation of success of our teaching and promotes a continuity of life experiences from home into our class room settings. Through effective teaching, communication and connecting to the wider community teaches children respect, acceptance and tolerance and instils resilience.

Through engagement in various activities and events children, families and staff will feel a sense of “Belonging” together, “Being” successful and confident learners and “Becoming“ informed and active individuals.

Our open-door policy welcomes children and their families of all backgrounds to become one community in our school. Parents and guardians giving feedback or providing suggestions helps us to grow and improve our service for families. All are encouraged to become active members by adding to our Quality Improvement Plan, educational program and up coming events.

We encourage parents and guardians to take part in various events throughout the year. The opportunity to celebrate family, cultural and religious events that are practiced at home and in our community are also welcomed and encouraged to share at the centres and wider community, embracing inclusion and respect.

Being a sustainable centre, we work closely with families, our local council and community to reduce, reuse and recycle products from home and work place, giving our children the opportunity to see what they learn in action.

Please approach our staff or email us on for your involvement today.