correlation between EYLF and Montessori

Our Montessori education works hand in hand with the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and embraces a dynamic curriculum. At Montessori learning Tree, we offer each child a blended learning program- which further helps students participate in a complete educational program actively. The Early Years Learning Framework integrates all the aspects of a child’s physical and cognitive development. We aim to prepare children not only academically but also socially and emotionally. The specially structured curriculum helps them cope with various practical life challenges that equips children with the ability of problem solving in their day to day experiences.

As the Early Years Learning Framework is an integral part of the Montessori education, you cannot help but embrace the five key outcomes of Early Years Learning Framework. As you enrol your child at Montessori Learning Tree, you will come to know that the Early Years Learning Framework follows a play-based approach to encourage a child’s learning abilities. This approach starts from the birth until five years of age. The learning process of Montessori focuses on practical life skills and helps your child participate in everyday activities through proper teaching.

With the guidance from the Early Years Learning Framework, our educators will encourage the children to develop interests in different fields and help construct their personalities and identities at an early stage. Here are five major outcomes that you can expect from of the Early Years Learning Framework:

1. Children Develop Strong Sense of Identity:

A Montessori Learning Tree education gives your child the scope to develop strong personality through the implementation of the Early Years Learning Framework. With the freedom to achieve their goals, the children find a way to build a strong sense of identity.

2. Children are Connected and Contribute to Their World:

It is quite evident that a child is connected to their surrounding environment. Our educators help the children acknowledge the connection and become a productive member – who can contribute to their world.

3. Children Develop Strong Sense of Wellbeing:

The Early Years Learning Framework which is followed by Montessori Learning Tree, impacts a child’s understanding of wellbeing. From the early years of education, your child will develop the ability to acknowledge the sense of wellbeing and welfare.

4. Children Become Confident and Involved Learners:

Montessori Learning Tree settings are designed to naturally instil involvement through the option of different resources and natural environments fostering confidence and involvement in their surroundings.

5. Children Are Effective Communicators:

Children are encouraged to foster their voice in all day to day activities promoting effective communication of opinion and critical thinking.