Currans Hill

A Key to the Betterment of the Society

A child’s most conscious years are when they are the youngest. Beginning from birth to the age of six, these are called ‘The Wonder Years’. According to studies and research, ninety percent of the social skills, intellect and personality of a human being are developed in these years. During these years, children are naturally attracted to things that help them to reach their fullest potential. Montessori Learning Tree develops these inclinations amongst children during these years.

To tell the truth, traditional classrooms are more about teacher-led activities, but here approach of learning is based on the child’s natural stage of development. It is a well-known fact that our success depends on how well we know ourselves. That is why our long daycare in Currans Hill helps children to know more as well as value their individuality simultaneously. Our Montessori child care centre in Currans Hill has the best staff members who are not only qualified and responsive but also well-trained educators who support and help every child individually in their growth and development process.

Activating the desire to learn

Here at Montessori Learning Tree, we focus on providing an environment that allows children to grow and learn at their individual pace. Our certified educators ensure that everybody receives individual attention so that they grow intellectually, emotionally, socially as well as physically without any hindrance. We have made a framework where children will feel inclined to explore, discover and learn every day. This early learning center in Currans Hill is dedicated to offering all kinds of support for the best interest of the children. Montessori Learning Tree is one of the best pre-school in Currans Hill where your children get the opportunity to discover with all the senses as well as develop cognitive and emotional abilities concurrently.