Dulwich Hill

The Best Vacation Care Program for Your Child

School holidays are usually fun for most children but it gets difficult for those with lesser friends and working parents. Many children get lonely when they are away from school during vacation days. However, spending these holidays on vacation care can offer great values to the children. Montessori Learning Tree is a Montessori child care center in Dulwich Hill that offers a great vacation care program so that children can enhance their numeric skills, literacy development during their school holidays. Furthermore, with our vacation care program, parents can have a well-earned break from caring and looking over their children every day.

It is a fact that a single child or a child with working parents can miss social interaction during long school holidays. However, our vacation program offers them the chance to mix with lots of children of the same age in a playful and learning environment. Here, many children develop vacation buddies outside their school friend’s circle while attending our vacation program.

A Happy, Safe and Secure Environment

At our Montessori, we make sure that children’s learning and growth is enhanced through their individual interests. Our early learning center in Dulwich Hill makes sure to encourage and help the individual abilities through various creative ways. Our educators also plan and initiate interesting activities by using a variety of resources in a learning and playful environment. Our learning activities are mainly designed to stimulate the children’s creative, physical and intellectual abilities during this program. With a varied range of indoor and outdoor activities, we always follow the developmental guidelines for every age group in our center.

We also have programs for long day care in Dulwich Hill so that working parents confidently entrust their children in our learning and productive environment. For more information regarding our vacation program, you can contact us anytime to know more about Montessori Learning Tree, a renowned preschool in Dulwich Hill.