An Advanced and Nurturing Preschool in Marrickville

The best way to nurture a fresh mind is to leave it free in a learning environment where it will unfold itself to its best potential. Here at Montessori Learning Tree, our education program is child-centred where the main focus lies on the individual development of the children. That is why we make sure to provide everything to fulfill the curiosity of these young minds. Our qualified and responsible educators go beyond the academics and curriculum to ensure the whole development of the child.

Our preschool in Marrickville has the best teacher and guide who understands and respects every child’s interests and their individual way of learning new things simultaneously. Furthermore, our classroom offers the children a fantastic environment to explore their individual interests without any hindrance. We keep the best material so that every child can learn about a variety of subjects at our centre.

Shaping Little Minds with a Big Heart

Our Montessori childcare centre in Marrickville offers an education program that develops a natural inclination amongst children to know more or rather learn more. Our educators make sure to associate every child with different activities that will meet their interests as well as amplify their learning capacity concurrently. Here at our early learning centre in Marrickville, we have all the materials that would promote collaboration, movement, concentration and a sense of order.

We believe that every child differs from the rest of others in a classroom. In that case, their education should also be different and must be based on the individual learning pace of every child. That is why we not only respect every child’s uniqueness but also guard it in a way so that they develop in a nurturing environment without any restraints. To tell the truth, we act more as a guide than as a teacher at our centre. Contact us today for more enquiries regarding our education program that helps children reach their fullest potential under experienced guidance.