A Learning and Playful Long Day Care in Narellan

Here at Montessori Learning Tree, we offer an environment designed to cater to the physical, intellectual, emotional and social growth of children. Our program allows working parents to positively trust their children to get the best care and learning environment under proper guidance. Our long day care in Narellan provides the best curriculum in resemblance to a preschool program so that every child can grow and develop at their individual pace.

Furthermore, we also have preschool in Narellan where children get to learn and develop from the best educators in NSW. In the Long Day Care, children get the atmosphere to explore themselves in a mixed age group that allows for developing leadership qualities, work and play in partnership as well as learn the value of self-independence simultaneously.

A high-quality education in a nurturing environment

Our long day care program offers more to enhance the growth, development and enjoyment of a child at this wonderful stage of life. Here children not only develop social and cognitive abilities but also enhance their self-help skills through various play-based learning activities. Every child develops a strong bond amongst themselves when they are enrolled in our centre. Our wholesome environment ensures a perfect balance between play-based learning and structured learning.

Our main mission is to give all the efforts so that your child grows and develops in various aspects of our life. This Montessori childcare centre Narellan follows the developmental stage of a child for their individual growth so that every child can develop and grow at their own pace. That is why our long day care program is considered one of the best preschools in Narellan.

The Montessori Learning Tree is a licensed child care centre that is dedicated to community development through child care programs at an affordable budget.