Montessori Curriculum, Program and Materials

Our syllabus and program are founded on the Montessori principles, the Early Years Learning Framework and the National Quality standards.We integrate a flexible educational learning program/routine that is tailored to each individual child’s learning and developmental needs.The Montessori experiences are a great way to build upon each child’s self-help skills, our program incorporate many hands-on experiences.

Our programs, environments and learning spaces are carefully designed in a manner where children are provided with rich quality learning resources that encourages children to be stimulated to make their own discoveries yet challenging their learning, interests and enjoyment.

The core key learning areas of Montessori curriculum

Practical Life

At Montessori Learning Tree we incorporate into our program practical life activities. We believe that by giving children opportunities to learn and exposing children to practical life skills this will guide them on the path towards becoming more independent, building upon their self-confidence skills as they grow to face new challenging tasks and activities in their life. Practical life tasks also help children to develop and foster their care towards themselves and their surrounding environment. The benefits of practical life skills also teaches children to learn the importance of grace and curtesy, children partake in cleaning, table etiquette (setting a table), food preparation and watering plants through our daily routine at Montessori Learning Tree.


Doctor Maria Montessori designed and created sensorial resources to encourage children to express their intellectual senses. At Montessori Learning Tree we are dedicated in delivering the Montessori sensorial resources for our children to aid in developing visual perception, authority senses and tactile impressions.


The use of mathematical concepts is introduced to the children through our concrete sensorial materials. Such resources used in our program and daily routine encourage children to explore and grasp the basic concepts of mathematics. Our school readiness program involves children learning number recognition, counting and sequencing of numbers through the use of our mathematical wooden tactile resources which later transitions into children learning about mathematical operations, number place and the decimal system.


Our language based learning experiences that involve Montessori resources such as the sandpaper alphabetical letter boards and  moveable wooden alphabet, give children the opportunity to learn phonetic and blended sounds, at Montessori Learning Tree we help children to transition from their early years learning to the preschool readiness program where children are encouraged to compose and compete their own written work as well as communicating verbally to express their thoughts, opinions and feelings with their wider community.


At Montessori Learning Tree we involve children in geographically diverse cultural activities and experiences. The diversity within our centre and community allows children to gain an insight into the many cultural groups in their environment. Our Montessori collection of cultural resources give children a sense of belonging and identity within the environment, through daily celebrations such as cooking, music and art children develop an awareness and appreciation of the world around them.

Montessori Materials

The materials at Montessori Learning Tree are carefully planned to engage children through play based learning, allowing children to choose from a variety of different experiences such as:

  1. Error Control
  2. Individual skills and tasks
  3. Experiential Learning
  4. Developing Motor Skills
  5. Purposeful activities
  6. Engaging activities
  7. Abstract concept implementation