A Full copy of the handbook will be provided upon Orientation to provide all the information required for your child to a great start with Montessori Learning Tree.

Orientation at Montessori Learning Tree is the first hands-on contact between your child and our staff at Montessori Learning Tree (MLT). This initial contact will allow an opportunity for positive and confident relationship among child, parent and staff leaving a steppingstone to conquer their first day at childcare, inviting them to be confident in being more involved through the preparation process.


  • Please bring in his/her current immunisation history statement from the Australian Immunisation Register to enable us to enter your child’s information in our Immunisation registrar.  Unimmunised children will be excluded from the centre should an outbreak of preventable infectious diseases occur, in accordance with our Exclusion policy and guidelines laid down by the Department of Health. Your Parent Package includes this information. Please also bring in your child’s birth certificate so we can take a copy for our records. A certified copy or the original are both okay for copying.
  • A school bag which your child can open and close by his/herself. Zippered back packs are ideal!! These encourage and foster independence.
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, will be provided by the Centre. The Centres only asks for a piece of fruit to share during morning tea.
  • Children’s water bottle is to be placed in the appropriate trolley upon arrival in the morning. Water in a refillable bottle for a drink and placed in the appropriate trolley upon arrival in the morning. Please No cordials or juices. We provide a glass of milk at lunch. Please keep all lollies and chocolates at home as treats, They will be sent home if brought in.
  • A change of clothing. Even if children are fully toilet trained, accidents can happen. Also children can get wet and dirty from water and sand play etc or from spilt drinks. We have a small supply of emergency clothing, but children like to wear their own things.
  • If your child is still in nappies, please bring a sufficient number of disposable nappies each day.
  • We ask that all items belonging to your children are labelled clearly with their names such as shoes, clothing, meals, drink bottles etc.
  • Children are allocated a news day each week. They are encouraged to bring something in on their allocated day and place it in the news box. Please clearly label items and only bring in toys on their day.


  • When arriving at the centre please remember to sign your child in/out electronically or by writing on the Sign In/Out sheet just inside the front entrance. This must also be filled out upon departure as well. This is extremely important. These sheets are a daily record of children’s attendance and we are legally obliged to keep this information. This is also a requirement for the payment of Child Care Fee Assistance. More importantly, should there be an emergency, these sheets are used as a roll call of those evacuated.
  • Please help your child place his/her belongings in their special spot. Each child has a hook outside for their bag and an individual locker inside.  We suggest you encourage your child to do as much of these tasks as possible to help build up his/her independence and responsibility and a sense of “I can do it”, thus fostering self-esteem and confidence.
  • If your child is taking medicine that day, please give the medication to a staff member. Please DO NOT leave ANY medicines in your child’s bag. You will need to sign a Medication Authority form, stating what medicine is, why it is to be given, dosage and time of administration. If your child needs to have ongoing medication a letter from his/her Doctor, stating medicine, quantity, time and reason is necessary. All medications need to be in their original containers and packaging.


  • Please ensure that you read the notices displayed. This is the main way we get information to you. Messages can change daily and there are often a few to read, so please take some time and make the effort to read them all. Communication between us is VITAL! We want to provide the BEST for your children, and we need your help and cooperation in ensuring that important and interesting information is relayed and received effectively.
  • The names of all those authorised to pick up your child must be on the enrolment form. If your child is being picked up by someone unknown to the centre, please let us know in the morning, or ring us during the day. Otherwise we must refuse to hand your child over to the person/s collecting them. Photo ID will be needed for people unknown to staff to prove identity. 
  • We must at all times have up to date phone numbers where you can be reached during the day and an emergency phone number, usually that of a relative or friend, who can conveniently collect your child should there be an emergency.
  • Please let us know IMMEDIATELY if your address or phone number changes.


  • Upon departure from the centre as mentioned before the sign in/Out sheet must be signed. Please empty your child’s locker box. These can contain not only children’s wonderful work but also important information. We also ask that you allow children to come and say goodbye, so we are aware they have left the premises. At times it can get hectic. With people coming and going, we want to ensure we know everyone has been accounted for.
  • We always try to give some verbal feedback about your child’s day. More detailed written information is displayed next to the sign in and out folder. Reading this will enable parents to ask questions and discover what their child has enjoyed and done.
  • Please ring if you are running late, caught in traffic etc so that we do not worry about where you are. Should you not show up to collect your child well after licensing hours, and all efforts by staff have failed to contact you, one of the contact people on your child’s enrolment form will be contacted to collect your child. 2 staff members will remain with the child until they have been collected.  Late fees will apply, $1 per minute per child. ALL children need to have vacated the premises by 6:00pm for licensing and insurance reasons.


Occasionally when you arrive at the centre you will find unfamiliar adults working there. These are most likely job share employees, casual workers, students or volunteers. Due to illness and holidays other job share staff are utilised or one of a pool of casual workers is employed to replace absent staff members. We attempt to use reliable and experienced casuals who are known and liked by the children. We are committed to assisting in the training of future child-care workers. Therefore, during the year, students from various childcare courses or high school work experience students, will attend the centre to gain experience. Occasionally, volunteers work for the centre. These are people interested in child-care and children who wish also to gain some experience. At no time are students or volunteers left alone with the children without supervision.


Upon enrolment of your child, we ask that a non-refundable Administration/Enrolment fee of $80.00 is paid. This is to cover your child’s pre-school shirt and hat. We do not require 2 weeks fees in advance! We also require a copy of your child’s birth certificate and immunisation letter.

We also require a copy of the CRN letter from Centrelink (for both child and Parent)

As we have a large number of children attending multiple days, we feel that to pay two weeks fees in advance can become quite expensive! Therefore, we ask the following of you to help make sure that our fee system runs smoothly.

  • The centre runs a weekly direct debit system for fee payment. Typically, the direct debit is process on Friday afternoons, with funds coming out of your nominated account on Monday or Tuesday of the following week (dependant on your financial institution). Please ensure that you have the appropriate funds in your account so that your fees are kept up to date at all times. Everyone paying their fees alleviates debt which in turn helps keep costs down, thus benefiting everyone.
  • Should your child be absent from the centre please CALL us that day to let us know that she/he is ill, on holidays etc. As we have no fees held in advance it is necessary to ensure that spots are only held for genuine users of the service and those people who pay their fees.
  • Absence days are recorded on your fee receipts. Those parents who are entitled to childcare assistance, have a limited number of days absent before fee assistance is no longer available. Please check your receipts occasionally to see how many days your child has left.
  • Non-payment of fees will result in your child losing his/her place unless special circumstances apply and/or special arrangements have been made. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough the importance of ringing to let us know if your child is just away. We could interpret that your child is not returning to the centre and therefore you may lose his/her place.
  • Fees MUST be paid for ALL attendances and non-attendances due to sickness, holidays, and public holidays. If you are taking holidays, please let us know in advance. Sometimes we may know of someone who would like extra days for a short period of time and may be able to help.