why choose the Montessori education

Education at Montessori Learning Tree offers your child contentment of learning and understanding. When reviewing your child care choices, consider the reasons why you should choose the Montessori approach over standard child care. The following reasons are why most parents choose Montessori Learning Tree:

Child-Centred Education

No two children learn in the same way. Each child has a unique pathway of learning that we cultivate and cater for. At Montessori Learning Tree, educators design a learning program that covers the needs and interests of each child in our care. The class room environment of our centres is specially planned to encourage children’s natural abilities to learn.

Holistic Teaching-Learning Experience

The Montessori curriculum is carefully designed to meet the overall development of a child. Montessori teaching includes areas like sensorial, practical life, mathematics, language, and cultural education. With holistic teaching children are guided towards overall development of personality and knowledge. The practical curriculum structure of the education can further improve their real life skills.

Social Collaborations:

Our centres are places where children develop their social acquaintances. They learn to collaborate and coordinate with their fellow piers with the help of our Montessori educators. Children within certain age ranges are grouped together so that they can develop their social skills and abilities. Montessori education encourages children to collaborate with others and foster imitative learning.

Promote Confidence Among Learners:

Through self-correction and self-assessment methods, children at Montessori Learning Tree improve their confidence as learners. As they progress with the specially designed Montessori curriculum, the children learn to think critically and correct their errors. Our educators strive to enable our children to become confident and independent thinkers.

Learning Is Fun:

Learning in our centres is a great big adventure. The dedicated educators and environment of the centres offer the children a play-based approach to develop their love for learning and knowledge.