Welcome to Montessori Learning Tree

At Montessori Learning Tree, we believe that every child has the right to grow and learn in a safe and inviting environment that acknowledges the importance of play in early childhood development.

Through play, intentional teaching and an inspired curriculum based on the theorist Maria Montessori, our staff educate children to embrace and learn the natural concepts of independent learning that naturally flows within a child’s curiosity, communication, investigation, imagination and creativity.

During the process of play, children develop their understanding and learn to build upon their knowledge and make sense of their surrounding world. Creation of social groups is at the heart of children’s play as they exchange and explore ideas, create solutions through investigation and challenge each other to further build on leaning and understanding.

Our Centre’s belief in education ensures that our educators provide guidance, direction and stimulation in the child’s surrounding environment which embraces the value of play, growth and independence, our curriculum is created and based upon the children’s interest and learning.

Living in a diverse nation, we believe that tolerance and acceptance of different cultures, beliefs and gender is a practice that is reflected in our day to day activities that includes and shares in different festivities and celebrations.

Children with special needs are welcomed, supported and encouraged to reach their full potential as this ties in with our core philosophy of every child having the right to learn in a safe and inviting environment.