First day at MLTCC

First Day

First day is the start of Making memories just as precious when you saw the first smile, tooth and walk.  While it is great news your child is growing, emotions will be not only from children but parents too.  Communicating and sharing this exciting transition going to pre-school is important to ground the experience separation anxiety allowing children and parents bounce back from this anxiety on the first day of preschool.

Preparing your child by explaining the daily activities, adventure and routines will allow your child to understand your intention of them being at our facilities. It is vital to consider when dropping off your child to say Goodbye. Saying Goodbye is a step closer to put in place a drop off routine that will lead a reduction in your child’s anxiety. Showing a positive and happy drop off will ease the separation process and mentally assure the rest of the day will be happy and fun adventure.

Bring a comforter or an item your child is attached to can also ease this transition process. Connecting with something that they are familiar with will allow your child to connect home to their new school environment for assurance of continuity in calming and self-regulation.

Once you leave the premises please call the centre to check on your child and try not sneak peak as this will confirm to your child that you are not confident to leave behind. Hovering will give your child a little doubt that they are not ready for you to leave, your little one is much more resilient than us at times!